How The Journey Began

At Double Glazed Windows Melbourne, we understand the value of double glazing which is why we strive to introduce them into homes and property throughout Melbourne. If your home doesn’t feature double glazed windows and doors, you’re missing out on many impressive benefits and home enhancing qualities. We pride ourselves in making double glazed windows and doors accessible, affordable and made from only the best quality materials and tools. Our highly-trained team of fitters will remove the hassle and stress from renovations, development or building and help you enjoy the process. We ensure the design and installation experience is seamless and smooth. To discuss your options and needs, contact us today.

Australian standards and regulations

Our double glazed windows and doors abide by the most recent Australian standards and regulations. Our products are made using the latest technology and premium materials to ensure you get the most comfort and enjoyment out of your windows and doors. We offer an extensive range of window and door styles that are certain to impress and suit any space you’re wanting to place them in.

Why Do We Use It?

Double glazed windows are now a key element in any modern construction. They add immense value to a property and carry many benefits into an environment. These benefits include being weather resistant and able to withstand the varying and often harsh weather conditions in Melbourne. Double glazing creates efficient heat insulation as it cuts down energy loss; therefore, they’ll cut down you’re energy costs. Our double glazed windows are also soundproofing, environmentally friendly, feature self-extinguishing material and are exceptionally water-resistant. Requiring minimal maintenance and being corrosion resistant, double glazed windows will effortlessly enhance your home for years to come.

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